Why Golf Dress Codes are Compulsory| Reasons & Suggestions 

Golf Dress Codes

Are you planning to enjoy golf? But don’t know what you should wear? Here is a perfect guide for Golf Dress Codes, whether a beginner or a professional. In case your dress makes other professional golfers laugh. Let’s read and understand the proper and professional way of dressing.

8 Golf Dress Codes for Better Appearance

Golf is a traditional sport, requiring men and women to dress in a somewhat more traditional way. To plan a golf course, you must read about golf dress codes. You can find proper attire details here.

  1. Shirts for Men

A golf shirt is a short-sleeve collared shirt with a few buttons at the top. Shirts with full sleeves are also allowed but a big no for V-necks and tank tops. Shirts must tuck in at all times. A golfer must keep in mind when choosing a golf shirt, it should be with a collar.

Golf shirts are made with cotton or polyester fabric. That helps keep you cool and won’t interfere with your swing. Golf shirts come in various colors, yet a neutral hue is better because that is not too distracting.

  1. Shirts for Women

Just like men, women should also wear a shirt with a collar. But women have the option of V-necks with collars. Some courses allow collarless blouses with sleeves. Women must avoid tank tops and t-shirts. Golf shirts for women are also available in sleeveless tank-top styles. That is perfect for summer days.

  1. Shorts & Trousers for Men

In the past, clubs accepted trousers only. But now the criteria have changed. On summer days, you can wear shorts, but shorts must have knee-length. Few courses are still stuck to trousers. Men must have to wear trousers when playing. Jeans and pants are strictly prohibited. Players can not wear any fitness clothing.

  1. Shorts & Trousers for Women

Women can wear golf shorts, trousers and skirts according to their comfort level. Hence, the Women’s skirts should come below the knee. Some golf courses accept only shorts. Yet Khaki pants and slacks are the most comfortable choice for women on the golf course. So, female golfers can wear shorts and trousers both.

  1. Golf Shoes for Men

Wearing proper golf shoes can help improve your game by providing balance. Many options of golf shoes are available in the market. Some golf shoes have soft spikes, and some have metal spikes. Few courses do not allow metal spikes, so check your course before buying metal spikes. Yet, running shoes and trainers are not appropriate for most golf courses.

  1. Golf Shoes for Women

Women should also wear proper sports or golf shoes. Footwear such as high heels and sandals are not allowed on the course. Because they cannot walk long with high heels, it will not be helpful when they have to swing back and down for the hit. So, to avoid that embarrassing situation wearing Golf Shoes is a good idea.

  1. Jackets & Sweaters for Men & Women

In cool weather, sweaters are acceptable. Standard sports sweaters can get worn. Any sweater you choose should not interfere with your swing. Remember that the player should fold the collar into the Sweater. Make sure to wear a fitted sweater. A player can use a waterproof jacket in the rain. The jacket must fit. A tight dress is comfortable when swinging.

  1. Socks for Men & Women

Many Golf club demands the golfer should wear socks according to the course rules. According to the Golf Club Rules it is compulary to wear socks below your knees. And most clubs ask you to wear normal sports socks. Golf socks are standard and can be ankle length. You can select socks with different patterns and colors.

  1. Hats for Men & Women

No need to wear a hat if you don’t want But spending time at the golf course harms sun exposure. A hat can protect your skin from sunlight. Simple sports caps, baseball caps, or visors are all suitable for golf. Yet you can wear P-Cap if you want. You can wear anything to cover your head that the club allows.

  1. Sunglasses & Gloves for Men & Women 

Sunglasses and gloves are both optional, not compulsory. It completely depends on your choice. If you are not comfortable with sunlight, then use sunglasses. Any support glasses are acceptable. Many golfers prefer to wear gloves on the course. Gloves can improve grip and protect your skin.

A golf dress code is of any kind the club authorities select. Some clubs are comfortable without dress codes. Some have very complicated rules. There is no fixed dress code, which only depends on the club’s policy. So, first, check the policy of the club that you play in before the tour.

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5 Rules of Golf Dress Codes

Some more expensive golf courses have strict dress codes. Yet, it maintains tradition and appearances. More casual golf courses don’t have a strict golf dress code. But they also expect players to wear proper golf attire. There are simple rules of golf attire that every player should follow.

  1. No T-Shirts

T-shirts are not allowed. A golf player should avoid this as an important rule regarding golf clothing. Because it causes distractions for other players. And looks more casual than formal and traditional.

  1. No Jeans

In the Golf Dress Codes, there are color codes. So, avoid wearing jeans. Golf slacks can consider for golf players. Khakis are also allowed, but try to avoid jeans. Whatever material or color you wear, belt loops are necessary.

  1. No Short Shorts

Distraction happens when players appear with inappropriate dress-ups. So, the shorts must be knee-length long. When wearing shorts, you should remember that shorts should not be too tight or above the knee. Men, as well as women, should follow it.

  1. No Sandals

Choose proper shoes as well as socks. Try to avoid sandals or rubber shoes when you get ready for golf. Hence, select shorts to make a combination of light color socks with it. So, check the color, style, and category of your shorts, shoes, and socks.

  1. No Bright Color

Always select light colors. If a client is with you in a golf game, remember that bight colored dress can distract your client. You must wear something simple and light-colored. So, you and your client can play undistracted and enjoy the most.

Nowadays, many courses are starting to lift their dress codes. Some clubs are making them less strict. So, it will not be difficult to follow the rules once you know what you can wear. Here are some basic things you need to remember for golf clothing.

What to Wear in Golf Dress Codes

  • Short-sleeve or full sleeves collared shirt
  • Short with knee-length or trousers
  • Shoes with soft or metal spike

What to Avoid in Golf Dress Codes

  • T-shirt
  • Jeans
  • Sandals
  • Tank Tops
  • Basketball short

Although the golf dress codes seem restrictive, there is no need to worry. You have more options than you think.


Do all Golf Courses have Dress Codes?

Do you want to know something else about the golf dress codes? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. So, read further and enjoy.
Few expensive golf courses have strict dress codes. In this way, they maintain the tradition. On the other hand, casual courses don’t have a golf dress code. But they want their players to wear proper golf outfits while enjoying the green.

Is there any Punishment for not Using a Golf Course Code?

Maybe! That depends on the club’s rules and the course where you play. They may ask you to go home and change your attire. Or buy approved outfits that can cost a little more. But authenticate whether they look slightly old-fashioned and more traditional.

Are Hoodies Allowed on the Golf Course?

Probably not! Most hoodies are heavier and can affect your swing. And that makes you feel uncomfortable while back swinging and downswing. So, if you want to wear hoodies, go for golf-specific hoodies, as they are specially made for golf games.

Is it Necessary to Wear Golf Shoes?

Many clubs insist on wearing proper golf shoes. Sports shoes help you to make swing well. Also, it helps you walk through the golf course so smoothly. Not only does it look professional, but it also makes the game easier.

What are the Standard Golf Course Codes?

Usually, clubs want collared shirts, Khaki trousers, and golf shoes. Hence, polos are a good choice. A polo shirt and pair of khaki slacks or shorts are preferable.
Above mentioned are the basic things you must remember about golf dress codes. Such Rules are a tribute to the traditional game of golf. Also, they are not restricting you from wearing clothes. But to show respect to other players and tradition.


We hope you have found everything you want to learn about golf dress codes. Hence you can customize your dress up according to the codes. Thus, you will get a smooth entry into the Golf Course. And You will be a favorite Golfer of the Golf Club. Your lawful and traditional fashion makes you eye candy in the sight of your Golf Fans. 


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