How to Hold a Golf Club| Beginner’s Tips| Expert’s Secrets

How to Hold a Golf Club

Golf swinging is an energetic movement. To become prosperous in golfing, learning about How to Hold a Golf Club is most important. Holding a golf club is like an art. Every Golfer should learn this art. Only acknowledged golfers who know the art spot the ball. We will discuss the more famous and expert ways to hold the Golf Club effective way. 

Top 3 Expert’s Methods to Hold Golf Club 

Here are experts’ secrets to holding Golf Clubs for newbie golfers. Each way has its perspective and approach. Let’s discuss each method. Thus you will know the all experts techniques to hold the Golf Club right. 

1. Interlock

First type in which griping starts with grasping all ten fingers is interlock grip. Yet the little finger of the right-hand fits between the index and middle finger of the left hand in the grip. Instead, that is used by people having small hands.

2. Overlap

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you use an infirm, weak, or strong grip. Only place a tiny finger of the right hand between the left middle finger and the left index finger. Thus, the right little finger overlaps the left hand, the grip is an overlap grip.

3. Baseball/Neutral

Last, the most common type of holding club is a baseball grip. In which hands are stick together. It is near the same as holding a baseball bat. For right-handed golfers, the right-hand leads the club. Whilst the left-hand stays below it.

Because our way of swinging Golf decides our destination. So, learning the holding mechanism of golf can prove beneficial. You can earn a good name in golf if you have learned how to hold a golf club right. Most golfer’s censure equipment helps when it comes to an ideal shot. It’s usually what golfers do. Here is an answer in your hands.

You can learn how to play golf using this Amazing Guide for Beginners, Tips & Tricks by clicking here

3 Basic Components of a Golf Club

To learn about holding the golf club from scratch, it is necessary to learn about the parts of the golf club. A player with better knowledge of the components of golf can consume his energy right. Besides, it lets a golf player shoot the ball with optimal power. We discuss three main components of a Golf Club:

  1. Grip

The main part of a Golf Club is the grip. It is the topmost part of the golf club, made of a single piece of hollow rubber. It is the part where the Golfers hold the club.

  1. Shaft

Shaft is the second and mid part of a golf club. The longitudinal part of a golf club gives the length to the club.

  1. Club Head

Third and last part of the golf club is the club head. That owns the bottom of the club. It can it is the main part of the club head that hits the ball.

6 Types of Golf Club for Holding 

In the Golf Club Sets you get the 6 variations of clubs from the sports market. The Write up will help you to learn about each club. And the will tell you right how to hold a Golf Club.

  • Putters
  • Fairway woods
  • Drivers
  • Hybrids
  • Irons
  • Wedges

2 Main Approaches to Hold a Golf Club

 Most of the players play with right hand but some of them play with left one. So, the consideration is demand. Here we mention the approaches and difference between Left-handed and Right-handed Golf Clubs

  1. Left-Handed Golf Club Holding

Left-handed golf clubs are usually slight smaller. And lighter than right-handed clubs, but they might not be the best choice even for lefties. If you’re left-handed, it’ll be easier to learn how to hold a golf club if you use one designed for your dominant hand.

  1. Right-Handed Golf Club Holding 

Right-handed golf clubs are typical larger and heavier than left-handed clubs. That makes them more difficult to swing because of the added weight on your club head. The other option is finding a lightweight club that suits your needs as a beginner golfer.

One consideration when choosing the type of golf club to buy is here. Whether you prefer left-handed or right-handed clubs.

3 Steps Flexes Setup – Accurating your Setup

1. Put Club in Front

Stand Straight Up, put Club in front of you, and put your arms straight but relaxed.

2. Add Knee Flex

Add a gentle flex in your Knees in the outside direction of about 3 inches.

3. Bend from Hips

Make a curve in your back and bend until the club hits the ground.

Common Mistakes in Holding a Golf Club

Every new person who begins golfing without learning. Or mentorship will make many mistakes. So below is a brief checklist suggested by Boyd Summerhays. He is One of the Top 100 Golf Teachers & Coaches – Ex-Golfer. 

Checklist of During You Hold a Golf Grip

Following is the complete cycle of holding a Golf Club:

  1. Always Stay away from Gripping “Up.”

The most important is to ensure the golf club’s position is right. When the top of the club’s handle is not visible, your hand’s position is incorrect. Shift your left hand down enough so your handle is easy seen, and reach with your right to align with it.

  1. Examine your Lead Left Hand

You should be able to see the knuckles of your fingers on the lead hand. Do your fingers run diagonal along the handle of the club?

  1. Examine your Trial Right Hand

Using the trial (right) hand is critical in double-checking. Yet, the correct deployment for a right-handed player. Your Forefinger Formate the letter “V” with the collaboration of thumb. And make sure it is pointing toward the middle of the chest.

  1. Don’t Grasp Too Firm

While playing Golf, hold the club with a firm grip. Not too tight nor too loose. If you hold it tight, you will lose the energy and the target. If you hold it in a lenient way, you will throw it away while swinging. And that can cause a big disaster.

  1. Let’s Get Back to Basics

If anything else has gone wrong, now is the time to start again. Get a little break and take a bit to relax. Then, resume learning to hold a Golf club and start from scratch.

2 Pressure Points – Minor but Important

There are two perfect points for grip pressure:

  1. How much pressure to apply.
  2. Where are the critical pressure points?

Automatic chips are available in the market. That measures and display the pressure of the grip. Meanwhile, such a grip chip helps the golfer to note the shot’s pressure and power. Besides, that is a secret weapon of your opponent. And that’s how they can manage everything on the hit.


How to Swing a Golf Club?

Swinging a golf club is a collection of many steps. Including a Proper golf Grip, an advanced golf posture. Alignment, a backswing, a downswing, and finally, a sparky Follow through.

What is a Low-lofted Golf Club?

One solution for golf clubs with low lofts is the FOURIRON. The Four-iron considers a long iron. But, that considers more simple than long irons. Loft angles have an average of about 25 degrees.

How to Swing a Golf Club after Spinal Fusion?

Experts recommended using a golf cart. Till the restoration of full energy levels and return of stamina. Otherwise, the golfer may face back injury.

How to Hold a Golf Club Putter?

Put your left hand on the putter grip, then below your right hand, encircling the putter grip. That is also known as “Reverse Overlap.”

How Far Down to Hold a Golf Club?

That is the most common question of beginner golfers. In this regard, most famous golfers recommend it should be an inch away from the grip at the club’s end.

What to Hold a Golf Club?

To be honest, there is no perfect and impeccable way. Every person has their way or point of view of holding a Golf Club. It depends on Golfer’s ease or stamina/experience.

What is the Significance of Holding Clubs?

Is the club holding significance? That is the question of the very new Golfer. Its answer is “A Big Yes.” Proper Grip is more important than you think. Because a golfer’s holding method decides the game’s destiny. Golfers can prove the way of holding a golf club is a game changer.


If you are thinking about trying Golf, you should know how to hold a Golf Club. It’s an essential skill that is integral to the game. The best thing is not to give other people playing. Or hitting styles preference over your comfort. And it would be fruitful for you to choose a path based on what you like. As long as you note those who succeed choose the path that matches your physique.

Hopefully, you know how to hold a golf club right now, even if you are new to the game.


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