Best Cheap Golf Club Sets | Features and Review

Golf is known to be an exceptionally expensive sport but you can get on the course if you research very well. Getting the best cheap golf club sets involves a couple of things to be considered. That is the quality of the sets and the right choice for your swing speed. We have field-tested many golf club sets and shortlisted the best cheap gold club sets right at your service. 

Finding the best cheap golf club sets can be challenging as the choices get limited under a lower budget. But nothing to worry about as we have made your job easy by picking the best cheap golf club sets for you. Let’s move toward our picks.

Confidence Golf Men’s Power V3

Confidence Golf Men's Power V3 Best Cheap Golf Club Sets

Confidence golf brand was founded in 1967 and from then onwards, they have been serving in the golf area with their innovative designs and high-quality equipment aimed at beginners and expert golfers. Despite serving for the past 60 years, it’s the cheapest brand in the respective category and provides you with the best cheap golf club sets.

Another amazing thing about these clubs is that they are 1 inch longer throughout, which are ideal for taller men. The automatic stand bag is of comfortable design with massive external space and also includes raincover. 

Key features:

  • All clubs come with a steel shaft with a regular flex
  • There is a 12-degree loft on the 460 cc titanium driver which provides a sweat spot  for added forgiveness
  • A 24-degree hybrid is an integral part of the club that eliminates the burden of hitting long irons. 
  • The cavity-backed iron is easy to swing and take control on
  • The grip is thin yet comfortable and tough. The swing does not put a burden on the grip.
  • Comes with a stand bag of elegant design


  • Pocket friendly
  • Solid steel material
  • Large club heads and faces on iron
  • Light and powerful swings
  • Complete set
  • Headcovers available


  • Limited to right-handed golfers
  • Thin grip for large-handed golfers

PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set & Bag

PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set & Bag

Prosimmon presents the finest technology in such a good price bracket that it’s not only attractive to individuals who are just starting off their golfing, but also to the experts of the field. Their new and much improved V2 model is specifically designed for beginners who want to learn the game and play good shots at top of their capabilities. 

The driver is broad which provides a huge sweet spot, hard long irons or cavity backed irons are replaced by easy to use hybrids built to be more consistent even off-centre strikes. Hence, every feature is designed to make your game better than before.

Key features:

  • The drivers, hybrid and wood, have graphite shaft, while iron has a steel shaft which is the best combination for beginners.
  • The oversized 460 cc driver has a massive sweet spot for added forgiveness and a swingful play.
  • The putter has a soft comfortable grip 
  • The bag is lightweight, having deep pockets to contain all the golf accessories. It also comes along with a self-activating stand.
  • Bag also has dual strips to provide you more comfort. Raincoats are an added incentive.


  • Comfortable stand bag
  • Easy hitting
  • Have 12 clubs
  • The irons are straight forward to control


  • Sometimes the hybrids give too high trajectory for beginners

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set

MacGregor Golf CG3000 Golf Clubs Set 

 Lazrus premium golf club set is manufactured in the same way as the top iron golf club sets. They appear just like any premium brand of golf club but definitely at a competitive price. They are designed for everyday golfers or weekend players. 

If you are a newbie and are too price conscious, then this might be your best pick. This cheap golf club set is about 80% less in price than other good quality best golf sets. 

Key features:

  • They have steel flex shafts, offering comfortable straight, and consistent flight
  • Shafts are made up of stepped steel designed to absorb the shock of hitting vibration. It is also available in a custom LAZRUS grip.
  • Irons have deep grooves on them for perfect spin and control.
  • The irons have a pretty straight ball flight with a moderate draw bias which offers a consistent flight even from the heaviest irons.
  • Wedges have a low shaft flex rating causing a lower swing weight


  • Lightweight shafts
  • Customized grip
  • High launching
  • 7 irons 


  • Ball speed can be improved
  • No stand bag

MacGregor Golf CG3000 Golf Clubs Set 

MacGregor Golf CG3000 Golf Clubs Set 

     Macgregor golf set comes with 9 clubs, 3 headcovers, and an ergonomic stand bag. This is one of the best cheap golf club sets one can have. At such a nice price tag, golfers are never going to find a set that offers them a very premium game. This golf club set is high performing, and once you start playing, you will experience a very solid hit and a consistent flight. 

      The shaft has an ideal weight which makes you take good control on the game. Hybrids replace the conventional iron and make it easier to take long approaches. Also, this golf club set comes with head covers with a hybrid and driver. 

Key features:

  • The 13-degree titanium matrix driver is a perfect loft for beginners. 
  • Has a regular flex shaft with lightweight, which makes your shots easy
  • Low profile 18-degree fairway wood is perfect for shorter and controlled shots
  • 24-degree hybrids make long approaches much easier than conventional iron 
  • The stainless steel irons are just perfect with a fairly thick top line promoting forgiveness on your miss shots. 
  • The grips have guidelines for the left thumb and an arrow to help you align the club parallel
  • The putter has a premium weight which helps to keep the club face straight on and is easier to align 
  • Spacious stand bad with automatic pop-out legs.


  • Includes 10 clubs
  • Headcovers included
  • Easy to hit
  • Great price


  • No putter headcover

Founders Club Tour Tuned Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

Founders Club Tour Tuned

It’s so hard these days to find the best cheap golf club sets from the big names in the golf area for under $500. But here’s good news. The founder is a leading brand which is offering a complete golf club set at a very competitive price while keeping up with premium quality.              

This set is suitable for all kinds of golfers, from new entrants to weekend warriors. The iron shafts available are stainless steel material or graphite material. Graphite shafts are a little more costly than the steel shafts. But both are stiff enough to impart a good impact on all your shots.

Key features: 

  • Irons have a deep undercut cavity, a wider sole, and weighting for more control of the shot
  • The woods are lightweight and have a wide sweet spot for swing full shots and added forgiveness.
  • The 24-degree hybrid which comes along with a headset is a replacement for the trickiest long irons, which will improve your game.
  • The putter has weight equally distributed towards the toe to keep away from twisting and providing a large sweet spot. It has alignment lines for better stroke.
  • Fully featured lightweight stand bag with five deeper pockets and added raincoat
  • Ergonomic dual padded comfortable strap, padded hip pad, umbrella holder, pencil holder, glove holder, towel clip, and 3 grab handles. 


  • Durable iron
  • Big brand name
  • Titanium driver with a large sweet spot
  • Ergonomic stand bag


  • The cost is a little bit higher than the aforementioned golf sets.

Important components to look at before choosing a golf club set

Although we have tried to make your job easier by narrowing down the best cheap golf club sets for you, you still might get confused among the top 5. Well, we’d suggest you consider certain factors while choosing your best golf club sets and choose what suits you.


When deciding based on a shaft, there are certain factors to think about. That is flex, material, shaft length, and tipping point. The material could either be graphite or steel. Graphite shafts are lightweight and a bit less forgiving. If you have a problem getting the distance out of the club, then graphite shafts are good to go. But if you are a little more price-conscious, then you might consider steel shafts as graphite shafts are a little more pricey than steel ones. Steel shafts are a bit heavier and easy to take control of. 

Shaft stiffness:

The stiffness of the shaft depicts your swing speed. Extra high swing speed requires an extra stiff shaft, while the lower swing speed requires a light shaft. That’s why graphite shafts are best suited for ladies, senior citizens, and beginners to get an extra spin for increased throw speed.

Club head:

Mostly the forgiveness and accuracy of your golf club set depend upon the shape and size of the club. 

The bigger heads offer more forgiveness to the shots and make them straight and long. 


Grooves are crafted on the face of the club to add friction to spin off the target and can make the best cheap golf club sets more forgiving.  Grooves aid the path of the ball that it will take after the shot. 


For added forgiveness, you’ll need a larger sweet spot and a lower center of gravity. These things are crucial to add forgiveness to your clubs. Along With a wider head and convenient launch, it is important to pick up a shaft that suits you well.

Complete set: 

Despite looking for cheap best golf club sets, you should always take into account what comes along with an entire set. Does it include all the required clubs and a bag with added features or not? Getting a full package all at once would be more convenient and reasonable than buying the stuff individually.


Are the best cheap golf club sets only available in the form of sets?

Not necessarily. The manufacturers sell them in sets to make them affordable and cheap.                 However, you can always find single clubs but it is always recommended to buy a complete set.

Is the quality compromised in cheap golf club sets?

All the aforementioned sets are field tested and quality isn’t an issue. We recommend beginners start their golfing journey with cheap golf club sets. But with time when they get their hands on the game, they might look for mid-range golf clubs.

Is the set of clubs the same for all ages?

Well no. Your age determines very much about your choice of clubs. Like seniors and ladies prefer a lightweight club for more speed, while golfers want a stiff and heavier shaft for more control. Teenagers will go after the clubs that will suit their height. 

Final remarks

Golf should not always be an expensive sport. To prove this, we have shortlisted the most competitive and cheap golf club sets for you in which toughness combined with affordability make them winners. We have provided you with the necessary components you want to see in your intended golf club set. Among all the best golf club sets, our favourite picks are PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set & Bag and Confidence Golf Men’s Power V3.

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